Rolf Gehlhaar
Rolf Gehlhaar DLit,

composer of instrumental, electronic and computer music, he is also a pioneer in interactivity (SOUND=SPACE), generative visuals and music (Gravity Drawings & CaDaReMi), computer-aided composition and computer controlled kinetic sculptures (Kinetica), studied Philosophy and Science at Yale University and undertook postgraduate studies in Music at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1967 he was engaged by Karlheinz Stockhausen as his personal assistant to from 1967-70. After three years in this position he became a freelance composer and performer.

From 1971 onwards he received over 50 major commissions, numerous prizes and appointments at international electronic and computer music research institutions - IRCAM Paris; The Centre Pompidou Paris; The Sydney Opera House; CEM Netherlands; University of New England NSW; MIT Cambridge; Hayward Gallery London and has developed numerous interactive music installations throughout Europe.

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Availability of my sheet music

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Electronically available scores will be uploaded soon. All scores not available here can be requested from my home address (via CONTACT ).